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Golden Aura Yoga and Wellness  was founded by long-time yoga practitioner and teacher, L'Aura Reneau.

Inspired by her own journey through life, L'Aura has developed a heart-centered approach that compassionately integrates the experience and understanding of a mature body with a joyous appreciation for all the cycles of life

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Why Golden Aura Yoga and Wellness?


Golden Aura Yoga is perfect for all those who are looking for a vibrant yet gentle approach to their yoga practice.

Golden Aura Yoga offers several hour-and-a-half yoga classes each week that bring focus to breath and awareness, alignment and detailed guidance while moving through each asana.


L'Aura provides careful instruction, a depth of understanding of biomechanical alignment principles as well as a recognition of the relationship of breath with a body in motion in her heart-centered approach. Whether you're just starting out, or have been a long-time yogi, L'Aura can guide you through a deeper experience in your own yoga practice.​ 


Classes & Services

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Gyan Mudra

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Come join our Sangha with weekly online group yoga classes ~ mornings and evenings

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Deepen your understanding and your practice with online one-on-one sessions with L'Aura

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