I’m new to yoga, and very much enjoying L'Aura’s yoga classes via Zoom while cooped up at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. I’m currently attending 4 classes per week; can’t wait for the next one. Thanks L'Aura for making this amazing home yoga experience possible!

Glenn F.

I have been practicing and teaching yoga for 50 years. I love going to L'Aura's class. She has great enthusiasm and wisdom about yoga. She is always studying, learning, and passing on helpful information about anatomy and bio-mechanics. The thing I like most is that she's very precise and detailed in her instructions. It allows me to fine-tune each pose for the maximum benefit. She is perhaps the most precise teacher that I've ever experienced. I imagine this is beneficial for most students, and particularly for seniors who are looking to optimize their experience in the class.
G. Khalsa, 72
I have been practicing yoga off and on for decades and have had many teachers along the way. In L'Aura I have finally found a practitioner who not only has the knowledge of how your muscles, fascia and skeletal frame move through the poses but can also expertly and continually guide me through the asanas so that I’m properly aligned and maximizing the benefits.  I work in construction and need to maintain flexibility and strength. Combined with breath work, meditation, and positive affirmations, I love these classes with L'Aura. Thank you L’Aura.

Tiffany R.

I am so happy that I started Golden Aura Yoga. For decades I was really into weight lifting and body sculpting. Now that I am chronologically advanced (75) I felt that I was losing my flexibility. I thought Yoga - nah, too easy. Boy was I wrong. This Golden Aura Yoga is proving to be something that I needed. Also I am feeling stronger in a different way and my flexibility is coming back.

Randy M., 75
I am so grateful and do often recommend L'Aura’s classes to others. I love them and attend whenever my schedule allows. I’m doing so much physical work, I knew I needed a yoga practice or I was going to find myself in pain, and has it been a blessing! Fun and no pain at all! Thanks L'Aura for applying your knowledge in this way. It’s awesome and greatly appreciated!

Carla Y.

I have had the privilege of having L'Aura as my yoga teacher most of the last decade. Having participated in both class sessions and private lessons, I can testify to her remarkable skill in imparting the benefits of yoga to her students. She is particularly sensitive to the needs of those who, like myself, are in their "golden years" and also have physical disabilities. L'Aura leads her classes both verbally and by example. And she does so with both care and compassion. I unreservedly recommend L'Aura to people of all ages and I am confident that all will be both gratified and delighted.
Alan F.
Golden Aura Yoga and specifically L’Aura has been a guiding light of practice, strength and loving kindness. I have been practicing yoga for most of my adult life- L’Aura has such a deep knowledge and intuitive sense in her teachings. The yoga practice via Zoom has really been a blessing of (familial) community during Covid. The mindfulness of breath, body and the nurturing balance/strength/meta has made life better. Thank you L’Aura and all those that share in the rituals of practice.
Denise J.

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